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This is a song from the band of Makoto’s seiyuu.



A lot of voices were left behind with this unfading transparent film
The last letter we’ve exchanged pushed my back warmly

The flower that you planted has grown
But I can’t hand it to you

good-bye my friend
I waved with my eyes closed
Without showing my tears


The day when you told me those words and the visions of the painted future
Your smiling face was the most beautiful than anyone

My memories keeps on repeating like a broken recorder
It won’t have new ones anymore right?

good-bye my friend
The smoke stings my eyes
I wave as I look up at the sky

saying good-bye

To tell you the truth, my tears won’t stop
Being empty as I am
Even though it might be a poor progress
I want you to see it

good-bye My friend
This is all I can say
I waved so you can see me


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next time on free! eternal summer: surrounded by the beauty of the australian wilderness, haruka realizes that everyone has been totally correct in trying to tell him how to feel and that deep deep deep deep deep down he’s always wanted to go pro 

in which i am pissed about f!es so i pulled out snapchat naturally

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